Progress toward our fund-raising goal

Exciting progress is being made in October

We got a formal timeline update from our construction professionals in mid-October, and we continue to be on schedule to hit our target completion dates next spring. Over the next several weeks, here’s what you can expect to see happening around the job site:

  • Continued work with heavy timber framing around the gathering vestibule and the Porte Cochere.
  • The first exterior “finish” materials will be installed as the lower levels of cast stone go on the building.
  • Shingles will go on the roof and the roof will be completed.
  • Much of the interior utility and mechanical work will be completed.

In addition, in a few weeks, the existing elevator vestibule will be demolished, opening the elevator into the new, larger gathering vestibule. We will have continuous access to the elevator as that work is done, and, for our safety, the elevator will continue to be cordoned off from the larger construction site.

Please keep the building project in your prayers as we seek to use all that God has blessed us with to better serve our community and God’s kingdom.

Work continues on exterior and interior

As we’re into late September, the building is on schedule. Progress is being made on the exterior walls, the roof system, and the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems.
In this photo taken September 25, we’re looking from the old building across the Brown Street Vestibule into the new building.Windows look out on the recreation area. (Photo taken 09-18-2019)

August was another good month of progress

August was another good month of progress on our building project. Much of the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical work has been completed. As we move through September we can expect to see the roof completed, windows going in, sheetrock being installed, and continued work to connect the new building to our existing buildings. The project continues to be on schedule and within budget. We’ve collected more than $7 million dollars toward the project so far and continue to have cash on hand to pay the considerable expenses associated with this phase of construction. As we start to look toward the finish line, however, we still have considerable work to do. Your gifts at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020—both to fulfill pledges and in addition to pledged giving— will determine whether we need to borrow money to complete this project and whether we’ll carry any debt going forward. We are becoming even more excited about what this new building will mean for our church and for our Christian witness in this community as we become more familiar with the details of the finished project. You’re going to be excited, too. We can’t wait for you to see how it all comes together! Representatives from our facilities planning team, our capital campaign team, and from Headley Construction provided a church-wide update and took questions during Bible study time on Wednesday, September 11.Photo taken from Broad Street 09/04/2019. The inset shows a bit of the HVAC and plumbing that has been completed.

It's all coming together

We continue to make great progress on the new addition. We’ve started the process of connecting the new building to our existing buildings. That process will continue as we work to get the whole project under roof. We hope to have the roof work complete by the end of August. At the same time, all kinds of HVAC, electrical and plumbing work will continue throughout the month, along with the installation of new stairwells and some continued exterior framing for places like the Porte Cochere and Gathering Vestibule. As our construction teams work, we have church teams busy at work as well. Our furnishings committee is actively working in coordination with our staff to begin the process of selecting and ordering all of the new furniture and decorative items that will be needed to make our new spaces complete— and to make them feel like Central. Please continue to remember the building project and capital campaign in your prayers. They’re working! We couldn’t have dreamed of being in a better position at this point in the process than we are right now.

Photo taken from Spring Street 08-07-2019

Interior photo taken 08-13-2019

Sheathing is going up

Photo taken from Broad Street 07-24-2019

Steel structure is complete

As surely you’ve noticed, we made GREAT progress on the building in June. With the steel structure complete and concrete poured on the second level, the project moves forward with three priorities for July.

First, the interior wall framing will begin to take shape as you see metal studs go up inside the building. Second, in the next few weeks you’ll begin to see roof beams being placed to tie the new building to the existing one. And third, the construction team will begin working to get the whole project under roof.

We’ve enjoyed great weather recently and hope the clear skies continue. Please continue to keep the project and those working on it in your prayers as we continue to build on our past and build for our future.From Broad Street July 9 (above) and Spring Street July 14 (below)


This view from Spring Street on June 28, 2019 really shows the rapid progress that is being made.

Work continues to move along

In this photo taken June 23, 2019 from West Broad Street, you can really see the steel frame defining the shape of the building.

The form of the building is beginning to take shape

June 12, 2019. We’ve made great progress on our building project over the last several weeks. With the foundation poured and steel framing continuing to go up, we’re all getting a first opportunity to see what the physical shape of the building will look like as we begin to imagine how the interior spaces will come together. The steel structure should be completely in place in the next week or so. Once the steel is in place, the construction team will begin to make preparations to pour the second floor of concrete, and we’ll begin to see the exterior walls and roof go up. As those things happen very visibly, behind the scenes, teams from the church are working with our professionals to coordinate both landscaping around the new building and extending our memorial brick sidewalk along Broad Street. And, others are working to organize the purchase of furniture and interior decorations for our new spaces. We continue to operate on a timeline and within a budget that gives all of us confidence about the work being done and God’s presence in the process. Our Capital Campaign is off to a great start with more than $6.7 million received already. As great as that number is, we still have a ways to go. So remember your commitments and consider how your family can continue to make significant investments in God’s work at Central as we all look forward to Easter 2020 together. 

Steel is going up

We will soon be able to see the shape of the new building. Here steel is going up on May 29, 2019.

It's concrete, y'all

May 16, 2019 was a milestone day in the construction of our new building.  Shown here are workers using power trowels and hand tools to smooth the newly poured concrete floor.

Constructing a strong foundation

Work continues to move along on our building project, and we continue to be grateful for our excellent project managers, architects and construction professionals. As of now, almost all of our underground work and utility relocation has been completed. That means that over the next several weeks you’ll get a clearer picture of the footprint of the new building as our foundation and slab are poured along with some of the curbs and aprons on the boundaries of our property. By the end of May you may even start to see the steel support structure take shape as we take the first steps toward getting our building up out of the ground. Also, as we prepare for the next stages of the building process, you’ll notice ongoing work at our elevator entrance, including the use of a new temporary door. The new door will provide the same step-free access to the elevator as our existing door and will be our primary handicapped entrance for the remainder of the project. We continue to work on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis to maintain accessibility to our elevator and to coordinate scheduling with our construction team so that our activities and services are minimally impacted. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to make great progress in our building project. Photos taken 04-24-2019

Actual construction is underway

Actual construction of our new building has begun, as evidenced by this photo on Friday, April 12, 2019.

Construction progress necessitates entry changes

You can now access the elevator entrance to our building only from the Spring Street side of our campus. If you plan to use the elevator when coming to Central, please plan to park on Spring Street or in any of the three city lots along Spring Street adjacent to our building. From the Broad Street side of our campus, you may enter the building through the sanctuary doors or through the alley next to the Carnegie Library. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to make progress on our church expansion.

Being an active church in an active construction zone

With the construction phase of our building project off to a great start, most of the work happening so far has been basic site preparation and utility relocation. The bulk of that work is now done, although you’ll continue to see some ongoing utility work. This photo, taken Wednesday, March 20, shows that the curb boundaries are being set along Spring and Broad Streets. Soon you’ll see the outline of the building begin to take shape as the site is laid out for the first footings to be poured. Thank you for your patience as we learn together how best to navigate being an active church on an active construction site. It’s an exciting time to be at Central. Thank you for your continued prayers for this project and for our church.

Bye, bye Brown Street

As site preparation continued toward the end of February 2019, no evidence remained that our block of Brown Street ever existed.

Site preparation gets underway

As January 2019 came to a close, site preparation continued to ramp up, with the relocation of utilities a top priority.

Brown Street closed

At 10:00 pm on Wednesday, January 9, our block of Brown Street was permanently closed. This allowed construction on our expanded complex to commence.

“Prepare ye the way . . .”

The first step toward construction was the razing of the old youth building, along with the house next to it. In this photo taken December 6 workers complete the demolition of the buildings, while a tree company removes trees. The next step is utility relocation.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Sunday, January 6 was a historic day in the life of our church as we broke ground for the construction phase of our building project. More than a year of mostly behind-the-scenes work has led us to what is now a very visible phase of our “Building on the Past, Building for the Future” campaign. Construction on the new building is scheduled to begin on January 28, while conversion of the current fellowship hall to children’s space is scheduled to get underway in November. Participants In the Groundbreaking Ceremony:  Eric Johnson, Comprehensive Program Services; Rob Schulten, Comprehensive Program Services; Mitch Headley, Headley Construction; Luke Headley, Headley Construction; Hank Houser, Houser Walker Architecture; Amy Leathers, Houser Walker Architecture Kip Oldham, Facilities Planning Team (co-chair); Leah Sumner, Facilities Planning Team (co-chair); Norma Haynes, Facilities Planning Team; Otis Jones, III, Capital Campaign Team; Carrie Markham, Facilities Planning Team; Becca Springfield, Facilities Planning Team; Adam Steele, Facilities Planning Team Beth Wagstaff, Capital Campaign Team; Taylor Drake, Board of Deacons (chairman) Matt Sapp, Pastor

What’s included in our campus expansion and renovation?

Central Baptist Church has a rich history that has grown and evolved for over 120 years. Now work is underway on a major expansion and renovation of our facilities. Included in a new building on the site of the old youth building and Brown Street are

  • a new fellowship hall
  • new youth space
  • a gathering space

The current fellowship hall will be converted into children’s space, making it possible for all children’s activities to be on the same floor of the building.

Floor plans

Level 1

Level 2