Sundays at Central

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are the central part of our life together. As with many churches, two different activities happen at Central each Sunday morning: Bible study and worship. We have two worship opportunities–both traditional in style–with similar orders of worship (8:45 and 10:55) with our Bible study hour in between.  In all of our activities on Sunday, Central is marked by its exceptional hospitality to both long-time members and first-time guests.

Bible Study

On Sunday morning, small groups gather for classes to study the Bible and apply it to everyday life. Some groups listen to a lecture from a teacher, while others tend toward wide-ranging discussion among the class members. In addition to Bible study, Sunday School provides a great opportunity to get to know your fellow church members.

There are groups for everyone from children to senior adults with nursery care for infants. If you’re not part of a Bible study group at Central, you should find one today.



The worship service at Central is traditional in format and takes place in our sanctuary. Services include a combination of music, readings, scripture, prayer, and a sermon from our pastor. The music tends toward hymns and traditional gospel songs, accompanied by pipe organ and piano.

Some would say that the Central worship service resembles a combination of elements from Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Episcopal traditions.

We welcome you whether you “dress up” for church or don’t. You will find, however, that most men choose to wear a tie, sport coat, or suit. Children tend to dress more casually.