State Opportunities

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia

Central’s primary state missions partner is CBF of GA. Since 1992, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Georgia has provided a home for Baptist Christians who cherish basic Baptist beliefs and desire to preserve Baptist freedoms.

CBF of Georgia (based in Macon) joins the national CBF (based in Atlanta) in its desire to network, empower, and mobilize Baptist Christians and churches for effective missions and ministry in the name of Christ.

CBF-GA is cooperative by choice, recognizing the blessings of shared mission and ministry, and remembering a  Baptist heritage that teaches that there is strength in diversity. Realizing that we are o­nly part of God’s family, it is our desire to cooperate with o­ne another and other Christians as we seek to minister in God’s name.

In addition, Central also supports the Paul Anderson Youth Home and the Georgia Baptist Children’s Home.