Hello, and welcome to the style guide for Central Baptist Newnan. This guide is intended to help you communicate effectively and consistently with our congregation and  our community.

Our church is a place

  • where all generations worship, grow, and serve together.
  • where women and men have equal opportunities for leadership.
  • where traditional worship is engaged with excellence.
  • and where diverse approaches to Christian faith and theology all find themselves at home under the lordship of Christ.

We want our style to reflect these values and to honor God in everything we do.

In this guide, you will find information on how to use our church logo, colors, fonts,  and other elements of our visual and verbal identity. You will also find examples of how to apply these guidelines to different types of communication. By following this guide, you will help us create a consistent and recognizable brand that represents our church and our mission.

We hope this guide will be a useful resource for you as you serve God and His people through your communication.


The church logo is based on a pen and ink drawing that was done by J. T. Haynes. That drawing served as the de facto logo for years. The current logo preserves the heritage of that drawing while being adaptable for use across the digital and print worlds.

All publications—digital and print—should use the logo unless there is a compelling reason not to. This is especially true of those items that have an audience outside the church.

The logo has several variations suitable for different situations. See examples that follow.

  • The wording may be below the representation of the sanctuary or to the right. Use the rendition that is better suited to the space where it is being placed.
  • The full-color version and the blue version should only be placed on a white background or an almost-white gray background (which may have minimal patterning). The white logo must be placed on a color or black background.
  • The full-color logo with a white drop shadow is for use on a photo background.

The logo should be sized so that its smallest text is easily readable, but it should not overpower the other content of the media. There should always be at least a small margin around the logo. Files for all of the logo variations are in the Canva Brand Kit.